Monday, September 1, 2008

monday, september 1, 2008 [my summer reflection]

so today is the start of a new month. exciting.
anyways, my grandma is over my house. and my parents are about to go to michael's. then i don't know what after that. i have to go to allie's [#2] to finish our team shirts. then i don't know what i'm doing after that. i want to go to taste of asian as a farewell to summer. school starts tomorrow... fun, fun, fun. i already know my homeroom. 2206. not that any of you would know where that is.

so let's reflect on my summer. i think this summer was long, but short at the same time. i went to a jmu basketball camp. i made the jv volleyball team. i went shopping. i hung out with my friends. i went to virginia beach. i went to busch gardens [europe.] i got paid. i watched my brothers and sister. i enrolled at my new school. i met new people. i did a lot of things. but there were also things that i wanted to do, but didn't, but i can't chabge the past, i can only predict my future in a way. so it would be pointless to even state the things that i didn't do.

but now, i'm listening to my brother read, which he has trouble, and so does his twin. they were supposed to read 5 books, but so far they haven't even finished one. and like isaid, school starts TOMORROW! you do not understand how mad i am about this, they sit and play video games all day long, but when it comes time to read a freaking book, they don't know what to do. that's what makes me mad. and plus this is school stuff, and i don't play when it comes to school. that's embarrassing! but that's their fault.

but i'm not really doing anything of importance, so i will update as my day goes along.
Bye :]

okay, i went to allie [#2's] house to finish my shirts. but before that, me, my mom, and my grandma went to some places. had a few laughs. then right before i saw my grandma off, she got real serious, and told me something. gosh. funny stuff. then after allie's house, me, my mom, and katelyn went to bloom, then dropped her off.
now i'm just thinking about tomorrow. about what i'm going to wear, and what-not. and after school. stuff like that. like ojashia wanted me to call, but we both know we're not going to be home. she has cheerleading and i am doing stuff with some new found friends. i am going to subway and to a girl's house before our game against osbourn. i just found out that they are rivals, like complete rivals. and i went to both schools. i wonder why i am just now finding this out. who knows. but anyway... tomorrow will be an interesting day.

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