Saturday, June 19, 2010

What An Eventful Day

So yes, it has been QUITE A WHILE since I blogged. A year almost.... So much has happened.

I can now call myself a senior in high school now. Very very exciting ♥ So much to do; College visits this summer, applications to said collegese, hoping and praying that I get into my top college choices, which are:
  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Christopher Newport
  3. Penn State at University Park
  4. College of William and Mary

And there are others, but those are my top.

Also there is this site called Formspring. I swear, it will be the cause of some deaths. It is a site where you can ask questions without people knowing who asked. Which is perfect for those rude people who want to be mean instead of nice. I was a victim tonight of cyber bullying, not that I couldn't handle it.. But still.. people, be nice. The world is running out of nice people.... Bring some back please.

Friday, June 26, 2009

woah; it's been a while.

well, it has been a long while. september twentieth? a lot has changed since then. i am now sixteen. my birthday was june fifth.

i had a little partyy with my friends. and then some of them spent the night. that was the best night that i've had in a long while. i slept with my friends. i went to sleep around three that morninn. and i woke up at six that same morninn.

i have experienced some new things & i love how my life is goinn right now. i have no complaints. my summer could be a lot more not borinn and i could be gettinn paid more. i could have my permit and be drivinn places. i could be goinn out with my friends a lot more. i could have a little more freedom. i could have a lot more. but i guess i cannot have it all. but i just wanna have more freedom and i want to be able to go out with friends more. because it is the summer of course. duhh. that's what summer is for. relaxation. and i like to relax with my friends. not stayy with familyy all day everydayy watchinn my little brothers. a little friend time would be lovelyy (: ♥

but hopefullyy i can go to my best friend's house tomorrow. i don't reallyy think my mom likes her because i think she thinks we like each other or somethinn. or maybe she just thinks my best friend likes me. who knows? lol

Saturday, September 20, 2008

finally some down time!

so my week is FINALLY over!
my week has been so exhausting.

here is it:
i had practice from 3-5. plus weight lifting [talk about tiring!] plus tons of homework. i found out that the position that i applied for was taken by my friend, and since she lies about everything, i'm starting to think that she actually applied for my position, but she claimed she applied for the position that i was lower than.
i had a game. we won. i started. and of course, that was the day that my family missed my game... and when i got home at around 9, i had a ton of homework on top of that.
i had practice from 3-5. plus homework.
i had a FBLA meeting. i got angry because my name wasn't on the slideshow that showed the officers. we had a game. my grandma came over because the next day, my mom and dad were to be leaving for detroit, mi. i alsi had to go to my neighbor's house in the dark because i had to confirm that he was going to be taking me to school the next day, since i was going to miss my bus, because i would have to take my sister to day care.
they were gone for detroit. i got to sleep in a little bit later, because my grandma and i had to take madison to day care. so when we got done with that, i got a little nervous because i was actually going to have to ride with my neighbor. okay it's a little awkward because i'll admit, he's kinda cute [lol], he's a junior, and he has a deep voice [bahaha]. but on the negative side, he has a girlfriend, and he's shorter than me. so i got in, and he had his hood on. and i'm like okay... lol. so come to find out, he was sick, and he wasn't going to school. so he drove me there, and went back home. how nice, right? so later that day, i had practice, and weight lifting. then after practice, me and my grandma went to get madison, then went to bloom to take a movie back, then we got food. yummy :] ao around 9, luke [my neighbor] was on facebook. and we talked... about my day. how my brothers did what they did. he's a really nice guy. and i wasn't that nervous about us talking. maybe we can be friends. lol
sharon was supposed to come over, but she didn't [or is not] and i'm upset because this is the perfect day for her to come over! like this was a once in a lifetime chance... and i fell bad. i really wanted her to come over. and they invited me to go to lunch with them tomorrow, but their whole family is going to be there. and there are two people that i don't want to see... i love the girls in her family, but the boys... they are another story.
so on another note for today, my cousin larry is coming over! i haven't seen him in so long. so that should be interesting...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

avoiding my ap euro homework!

so this is what i'm doing to avoid it.
i know i haven't been writing my blogs as often as before, buti've been REALLY REALLY busy.
no lie.
i don't even know what to write right now.
so school is going pretty well. homecoming is october 11. i am most likely going. that means i have to buy a dress. yuck. and i has to be above my knees. which should be no problem considering the fact that i wear shorter spandex for volleyball. lol.

but i have to look at homecoming dresses in my size. lol.
write more as my day goes along.
tahnks for reading :]

Monday, September 8, 2008

oh my good. it's SO hot!

okay. my house is so hot! the air conditioning is still not working. gosh. what to do, what to do...

well, school was good, actually. let's see how tomorrow plays out. because i have gym and quite frankly, i don't like it. and it's my longest class. but hopefully when we actually start doing stuff, it won't be so bad.

so let's reflect on my day.

okay. i have to wake up at 5:15 am. i leave for my bus at 6:30 am. so guess what time i wake up today??? 6:18 am! how lovely... i was so cranky, and i hardly had time to do anything. literally. god, i was so mad this morning. and at my mom too. like she just kept moving slow, and i'm like 'I HAVE TO GO!' so i got through it. and i also through away half the bagel my mom 'made' me eat once i got outside. i through i away in someone's grabage can. good thing it was garbage day. bahaha.

1st block. pre-ap biology. it was good... i got my work done. got my locker assignment. and i came to find out that i have a bottom locker. which will NOT work for me. i am way too tall for that.

2nd block. advanced spanish II. it was good. me and the girl i was arguing with, we are friends now. how ironic. and we did our presentation. it went well. i know i did well on my map, that's for sure. oh, and my spanish name is carmen :] how lovely.

lunch. luch was good... i sat with freshmen again [one is ony my team] and i came to realize that i need to make more friends! i can't keep sitting with people and not talk to them. it is not fun.

3rd block. pre-ap algebra II/trig. i tried to talk to my teacher and she just cut me off saying i can't talk to you. so that got me mad. good thing she left. i guess she had an 'emergency!' bahahaha.

4th block. ap european history. that class went well. i did my warm-up. i too really good notes. i wasn't about to fall asleep, like i usually do... i had a pretty good class. i didn't think this girl [or these girls] were talking about me like i normally do... bahaha. it went pretty well.

so after school, i went to meet my friend at her locker. she had dance try-outs. so we had to go upstairs to my 1st block teacher's class, because i left my volleyball bag in there. so we got that. then we went for her to change, and then i dropped her off at her try-out place. then i went to coach lem's room to be with my volleyball friends. then we went to get a little snack. then we changed. then we went to set up the volletball net. and we got started.

practice was bad at first, but once my coach actually came, it went fine. i was doing everything right. it just seems that when the coach isn't there, the captains make it harder for me. i tell you, i don't think most of them like me. i'm so serious.

so then after the practice part, we had to do 30 minutes of weight lifting. plus the dot drill. i hate that darned dot drill! just hate it. so then my friend was done with her try-outs and she made it, so she was going to be my spotter for my weight lifting. so then i ended up giving her a ride home, along with my volleyball friend. we had a pretty fun car ride. i just want some freaking ice cream because it's so hot.

so now i got home, and i was hungry so i had the other half of my bagel. and now i checked my homework on school fusion for the class that my teacher wasn't there. she left. and there was nothing on there. so i guess that means that we don't have any homework! yay.

so now my back hurts because i haven't been sitting the right way all this time i've been typing.

so that was my day. tomorrow i have a fbla meeting. i'm going to be an officer :] show them a thing or two from osbourn!

thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

so i'm stuffed.

i just had 3 frozen waffles [put them in the toaster of course] and now i'm stuffed. this is really off my 'diet'. but whatever. i have volleyball that makes up for it. i'm still losing weight, so it doesn't matter. it would way different if i wasn't doing anything. but i am, so that's that. so now i'm listening to the radio [take you down-chris brown] and this is pretty much what i'm going to be doing for the remainder of the day. computer. radio. just kidding. i probably will go to staples to get this medium sized board, because my advanced spanish II class, i am in this group [that i did not pick, not that i would have anyone in mind, considering i don't ANYONE] and i told them that i don't draw, but i got stuck with drawing the flag of peru. and when i looked at the flag when i got home, i saw that it had some little green thing in the middle. and i have NO IDEA how i'm going to draw it. i'm thinking i might just cut it out and paste on the medium board. cheat, cheat. lol.

so last night around midnight [i don't even know how i stayed up that long] i was looking at other people's blogs by the nest blog button. and i saw that people have pictures. i want to do pictures. i mean i have this cool camera that i got for my 15th birthday [june 5] and i love taking pictures. it would be interesting. you know? like actually SHOWING you all a part of my life.
so that will be interesting. and i'll get on doing that. ASAP!

so, now i'm not doing anything. i'm thinking at this moment i want to get my camera. so i will update more as my day goes along, and there will be pictures.

thanks for reading!


okay, so i actually came through with this whole putting pictures up. lol. i am usually the one on the computer. so my sister madison was saying 'autumn my turn, my turn. cuse me cuse me. lol. it was so funny. so now we have a 'autumn junior'. don't you just love it! bahahahaha.

okay, me and one of my group members got into an argument about our parts. i picked to do the flag, but she said she was the one. so when i told her that i picked it and she wasn't going to get credit, she went all crazy. bahaha. so i had to do the map [along with the flag that i had already done.] it got me mad. so this is almost done.
and this is done.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

my day so far

so right now a pizza is in the oven. four cheese. lol. and i just got the last of my school supplies. finally. and actually when i look at everything, it's not even a lot. last year, i had a lot of school supplies that you had to get. but not this year. different school, i guess.

so it's been raining since yesterday, and it's still raining.

so now it's about 8. i forgot i had this draft. but now i'm doing it. so yeah. my day has been boring as always. the time passed by quickly though. i swear, one minute i looked and it was 2 and now it's 8. like what the heck.

our air doesn't work. so it's hot and stuffy in the house. it was too last night. actually come to think of it, it was worse. but now since it stopped raining, i am feeling the nice breeze.

i also did A LOT of organizing today. i got all of my school stuff all straightened out. i made index cards filled with information, just in case i have to look back on something. i think today was productive. i found my old old old neighbors from when i was in what? first grade? i used to sit in the middle of them [they're older than me. way older] on our way for their dad to drop me off, and i would sit in the middle to have me slide into them during the turns. then it got to the point where i would count how many turns there were, and tell them were to sit, so i would get to slide into one more then the other. i thought they were both cute.

so that was my day, really. if i have something else later tonight, then i'll put it on here.

thanks for reading! bye :]

Friday, September 5, 2008

finally friday!!!!

omg! friday is FINALLY here!!!! my week has been so hectic. my fingers can hardly type this. literally. it's aching.

so anyways, my week was exhasting! but i got along. we had two games this week, and we won both of them. there is just so much to write!!! but i cannot do it all now. so when i'm not so tired [just got back from practice] i will update this.


okay, so i think i wrote a blog on tuesday about my first day of school.
so wednesday, my friend and i had the same lunch. it was pretty good. actually my whole day that day was pretty good. so in my gym class, this african guy tapped me on my leg and asked me why i was so quiet. and i told him the reason was because i didn't know anyone.
then when school was over that day [we had a game] i saw my varsity basketball coach, and he told me that the varsity volleyball coach told him that i was improving a lot. so that made me happy.
then two of my volleyball friends, we went to her grandparent's house. we ate an early dinner then we went to the school to get ready for our game. we won. and i played really good. so then later that night, i had ap european history homework! so i ended up staying up until like midnight. and i can't do that. so the next morning i woke up SUPER late. i hardly had time to get ready for the bus.

so on thursday, it was an average day. i was getting into the swing of things. but then when practice rolled around, i came to find out that there is a lot of drama between our team. and my thinking is that we ARE a team, and we're going to be around each other for months, so it's silly to bicker with one another.

so today. FINALLY FRIDAY! i've had enough of this week. seriously. today i had lunch with my friends, and i was too bored in gym class. so i was just sitting there on the bleachers for two hours. with NOBODY to talk to. so at practice, i had had enough of this one girl talking about me so i said 'if anyone has a problem with me, then they need to say it'. and i said it in a nice way. not in a mean way. we also had to weight lift today. which is never fun. but during the practice practice, we were seperated between like hitters, etc. so my hits were great! i had my arm swing and everything. but once my coach walked up, my hits weren't as good as before. and i want her to see how good they were, and once she shows up, they suck. how lame is that?!?!

so now i'm so tired from this week. i need to call ojashia, and larry about my week. i haven't talked to them all week. also i have homework this weekend.

so that's about it.
thanks for reading! bye :]

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my first day of school

okay. i woke up at 4:50 a.m.

i woke my mom up and the we exercised until around 5:40 or something. then i got myself ready for school. then allie came over then we went to my bus stop. there were a lot of people on my bus. so th bus ride altogether was interesting. and long.

so we got to school, and i had to stay with allie to get her homeroom class.
so i was upstairs, she was downstairs.
my homeroom was like this. got a lot of papers that we had to fill out hopefully by tomorrow.

then i went to my second period... i forgot what it was. spanish??? yeah it was pre-ap spanish 2. that was interesting, nobody i knew.

then i kept texting allie because i didn't know if she had my lunch, or anybody for that matter. so i go to lunch and i'm just standing there. because first off, i didn't see ANYBODY i know! so i end up sitting with freshmen. but one of them was my teammate, so it wasn't THAT bad. oh, did i mention that i didn't even eat? i guess i was just like dazed...

so i go to pre-ap algebra II/trig and we did a text thing and i didn't know ANYTHING. probably because i wasn't in algebra since 8th grade. and i was a lot rusty. lol.

then i went to ap european history. first, i thought i was in the class, but come to find out i was in pre-ap english 10. so that was kind of embarrassing. so i finally find my class and i am going to find a seat, but i hear someone call my name. it was my friend/teammate. so then i look beyond her, and i see one of the girls that was talking about me. so that was weird. so i sit in the row next to my teammate. so i guess the girl doesn't have a problem with me, and she was like 'so how are you liking your first day?' i guess she said that to like break the ice. i don't know. but the day ended. and i have math homework [which i finished] and i have ap euro homework. which i am still in the process of doing.

so after school, allie and i went to my huse so i could change and drop my stuff off. then we walked to her house, and we made pizza. yummy. i love pizza. then i had to go home. so around 5, i had to go back up to the school because we had a game against my old school.

we won, big time :]

and someone said hi to me. that was nice of her :]

so now, i'm just doing my blog before i get ready for bed. you know... shower, all that jazz. then i have to pick out my clothes for tomorrow. still discussing that with allie.

oh i also saw my neighbor.

so i'll write tomorrow.


Monday, September 1, 2008

monday, september 1, 2008 [my summer reflection]

so today is the start of a new month. exciting.
anyways, my grandma is over my house. and my parents are about to go to michael's. then i don't know what after that. i have to go to allie's [#2] to finish our team shirts. then i don't know what i'm doing after that. i want to go to taste of asian as a farewell to summer. school starts tomorrow... fun, fun, fun. i already know my homeroom. 2206. not that any of you would know where that is.

so let's reflect on my summer. i think this summer was long, but short at the same time. i went to a jmu basketball camp. i made the jv volleyball team. i went shopping. i hung out with my friends. i went to virginia beach. i went to busch gardens [europe.] i got paid. i watched my brothers and sister. i enrolled at my new school. i met new people. i did a lot of things. but there were also things that i wanted to do, but didn't, but i can't chabge the past, i can only predict my future in a way. so it would be pointless to even state the things that i didn't do.

but now, i'm listening to my brother read, which he has trouble, and so does his twin. they were supposed to read 5 books, but so far they haven't even finished one. and like isaid, school starts TOMORROW! you do not understand how mad i am about this, they sit and play video games all day long, but when it comes time to read a freaking book, they don't know what to do. that's what makes me mad. and plus this is school stuff, and i don't play when it comes to school. that's embarrassing! but that's their fault.

but i'm not really doing anything of importance, so i will update as my day goes along.
Bye :]

okay, i went to allie [#2's] house to finish my shirts. but before that, me, my mom, and my grandma went to some places. had a few laughs. then right before i saw my grandma off, she got real serious, and told me something. gosh. funny stuff. then after allie's house, me, my mom, and katelyn went to bloom, then dropped her off.
now i'm just thinking about tomorrow. about what i'm going to wear, and what-not. and after school. stuff like that. like ojashia wanted me to call, but we both know we're not going to be home. she has cheerleading and i am doing stuff with some new found friends. i am going to subway and to a girl's house before our game against osbourn. i just found out that they are rivals, like complete rivals. and i went to both schools. i wonder why i am just now finding this out. who knows. but anyway... tomorrow will be an interesting day.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

my sites :]

my myspace:

my facebook:

my official site:

you should check them out sometimes.
i just made my official site today :]
let's just say i'm really excited.

sunday, august 31, 2008

i woke up at 9:03. and already my mom was telling madison that she was getting dressed. so of course i asked why. so i ended up helping them plant flowers in some pots. pretty fun. got pictures of madison [god i love her] and some of my mom [her too. lol.] and like 2 of me.

but anyways, now i'm just waiting on a pancake. my dad is making it for me. and now i'm talking to brook. brook played basketball with me in my freshman year, and now she's off to college [good for her] and she probably doesn't know it, but i did look up to her. even though i annoyed her most of the time. lol. but i always had the feeling that she never like gave up on me? if that makes sense. like she thought i wasn't all crazy. lol.
and it's my childhood best friend's birthday today! happy birthday shaviante :]

but today, i don't really think i'm doing anything. i WANTED to go to my little cousin's birthday party... but we weren't exactly invited... so, yeah.

but i'll update as my day goes along.
bye :]

later :]
so now i'm just listening to my radio. i've actually been on the computer all day. literally. except for helping my mom. i've been trying to fix this page on here. but i couldn't find how to have blog counting. and i got so frustrated. but i just said 'forget it'. lol. i really couldn't try to do it anymore.

so maybe in a minute i will find something to eat. and maybe read...
so i'll update as my day goes along some more.

bye :]

Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday, august 30, 2008 [sasha sinclair is mentioned]

i just got inside from helping my mom with the yard. it is HOT outside. lol. and i'm listening to the radio.

so yesterday, the team party was pretty fun. i saw some things, and i'm like 'okay, it's going to be like this.' lol. but i could tell it would. we had pizza [my favorite and treat. lol.] we tye-dyed our shirts, and started decorating them, which we are coming back on monday to finish. we played volleyball [some longer than others.] had a semi-team talk. lol. had cookie bars [which were good.] basically we just had fun. so, that's that.

so today, i'm going to my grandma's house with my mom and madison. my mom and grandma are going to a tango class, and i'm going to watch madison, which is not a really big deal, really. my mom is going to have fun, which she needs. then i don't know what i am doing for the rest of the day...

tomorrow? is sunday... i don't even know what i'm doing tomorrow. i want to do a different tie-dye. like with my family. or just siblings. maybe me and allie can do one for twin day :]
monday... is the day before school! oh no... school. i am ready, but nervous. i don't even have my school supplies, yet. so i'm going to go to allie's [#2] to finish my shirt with the team. then after that, i will be hanging out with allie [#1] and maybe do tie-dye. but if not, we will find something to do. we may walk up to taste of asian with my brothers. a closing to our summer... tear. lol.
wow, there is nothing on the radio! god.

but there is really nothing else to write, so i will update as my day goes along.
bye :]

now i'm just watching madison. my mom and grandma went to the class.
i went to thie site. she is an artist. i've met her before. go to her site and tell me what you think about her art. she's having her art gallery in october i think. i know i am going to go and support her :] she's really nice, and is good at what she does.
so madison and i might go for a walk and get some food or something, but i don't know yet. my stomach kinds of hurts.

so go to the site, and tell me what you think :]please and thanks :]