Saturday, August 30, 2008

saturday, august 30, 2008 [sasha sinclair is mentioned]

i just got inside from helping my mom with the yard. it is HOT outside. lol. and i'm listening to the radio.

so yesterday, the team party was pretty fun. i saw some things, and i'm like 'okay, it's going to be like this.' lol. but i could tell it would. we had pizza [my favorite and treat. lol.] we tye-dyed our shirts, and started decorating them, which we are coming back on monday to finish. we played volleyball [some longer than others.] had a semi-team talk. lol. had cookie bars [which were good.] basically we just had fun. so, that's that.

so today, i'm going to my grandma's house with my mom and madison. my mom and grandma are going to a tango class, and i'm going to watch madison, which is not a really big deal, really. my mom is going to have fun, which she needs. then i don't know what i am doing for the rest of the day...

tomorrow? is sunday... i don't even know what i'm doing tomorrow. i want to do a different tie-dye. like with my family. or just siblings. maybe me and allie can do one for twin day :]
monday... is the day before school! oh no... school. i am ready, but nervous. i don't even have my school supplies, yet. so i'm going to go to allie's [#2] to finish my shirt with the team. then after that, i will be hanging out with allie [#1] and maybe do tie-dye. but if not, we will find something to do. we may walk up to taste of asian with my brothers. a closing to our summer... tear. lol.
wow, there is nothing on the radio! god.

but there is really nothing else to write, so i will update as my day goes along.
bye :]

now i'm just watching madison. my mom and grandma went to the class.
i went to thie site. she is an artist. i've met her before. go to her site and tell me what you think about her art. she's having her art gallery in october i think. i know i am going to go and support her :] she's really nice, and is good at what she does.
so madison and i might go for a walk and get some food or something, but i don't know yet. my stomach kinds of hurts.

so go to the site, and tell me what you think :]please and thanks :]

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