Sunday, August 31, 2008

sunday, august 31, 2008

i woke up at 9:03. and already my mom was telling madison that she was getting dressed. so of course i asked why. so i ended up helping them plant flowers in some pots. pretty fun. got pictures of madison [god i love her] and some of my mom [her too. lol.] and like 2 of me.

but anyways, now i'm just waiting on a pancake. my dad is making it for me. and now i'm talking to brook. brook played basketball with me in my freshman year, and now she's off to college [good for her] and she probably doesn't know it, but i did look up to her. even though i annoyed her most of the time. lol. but i always had the feeling that she never like gave up on me? if that makes sense. like she thought i wasn't all crazy. lol.
and it's my childhood best friend's birthday today! happy birthday shaviante :]

but today, i don't really think i'm doing anything. i WANTED to go to my little cousin's birthday party... but we weren't exactly invited... so, yeah.

but i'll update as my day goes along.
bye :]

later :]
so now i'm just listening to my radio. i've actually been on the computer all day. literally. except for helping my mom. i've been trying to fix this page on here. but i couldn't find how to have blog counting. and i got so frustrated. but i just said 'forget it'. lol. i really couldn't try to do it anymore.

so maybe in a minute i will find something to eat. and maybe read...
so i'll update as my day goes along some more.

bye :]

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