Friday, September 5, 2008

finally friday!!!!

omg! friday is FINALLY here!!!! my week has been so hectic. my fingers can hardly type this. literally. it's aching.

so anyways, my week was exhasting! but i got along. we had two games this week, and we won both of them. there is just so much to write!!! but i cannot do it all now. so when i'm not so tired [just got back from practice] i will update this.


okay, so i think i wrote a blog on tuesday about my first day of school.
so wednesday, my friend and i had the same lunch. it was pretty good. actually my whole day that day was pretty good. so in my gym class, this african guy tapped me on my leg and asked me why i was so quiet. and i told him the reason was because i didn't know anyone.
then when school was over that day [we had a game] i saw my varsity basketball coach, and he told me that the varsity volleyball coach told him that i was improving a lot. so that made me happy.
then two of my volleyball friends, we went to her grandparent's house. we ate an early dinner then we went to the school to get ready for our game. we won. and i played really good. so then later that night, i had ap european history homework! so i ended up staying up until like midnight. and i can't do that. so the next morning i woke up SUPER late. i hardly had time to get ready for the bus.

so on thursday, it was an average day. i was getting into the swing of things. but then when practice rolled around, i came to find out that there is a lot of drama between our team. and my thinking is that we ARE a team, and we're going to be around each other for months, so it's silly to bicker with one another.

so today. FINALLY FRIDAY! i've had enough of this week. seriously. today i had lunch with my friends, and i was too bored in gym class. so i was just sitting there on the bleachers for two hours. with NOBODY to talk to. so at practice, i had had enough of this one girl talking about me so i said 'if anyone has a problem with me, then they need to say it'. and i said it in a nice way. not in a mean way. we also had to weight lift today. which is never fun. but during the practice practice, we were seperated between like hitters, etc. so my hits were great! i had my arm swing and everything. but once my coach walked up, my hits weren't as good as before. and i want her to see how good they were, and once she shows up, they suck. how lame is that?!?!

so now i'm so tired from this week. i need to call ojashia, and larry about my week. i haven't talked to them all week. also i have homework this weekend.

so that's about it.
thanks for reading! bye :]

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