Saturday, September 6, 2008

my day so far

so right now a pizza is in the oven. four cheese. lol. and i just got the last of my school supplies. finally. and actually when i look at everything, it's not even a lot. last year, i had a lot of school supplies that you had to get. but not this year. different school, i guess.

so it's been raining since yesterday, and it's still raining.

so now it's about 8. i forgot i had this draft. but now i'm doing it. so yeah. my day has been boring as always. the time passed by quickly though. i swear, one minute i looked and it was 2 and now it's 8. like what the heck.

our air doesn't work. so it's hot and stuffy in the house. it was too last night. actually come to think of it, it was worse. but now since it stopped raining, i am feeling the nice breeze.

i also did A LOT of organizing today. i got all of my school stuff all straightened out. i made index cards filled with information, just in case i have to look back on something. i think today was productive. i found my old old old neighbors from when i was in what? first grade? i used to sit in the middle of them [they're older than me. way older] on our way for their dad to drop me off, and i would sit in the middle to have me slide into them during the turns. then it got to the point where i would count how many turns there were, and tell them were to sit, so i would get to slide into one more then the other. i thought they were both cute.

so that was my day, really. if i have something else later tonight, then i'll put it on here.

thanks for reading! bye :]

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