Saturday, September 20, 2008

finally some down time!

so my week is FINALLY over!
my week has been so exhausting.

here is it:
i had practice from 3-5. plus weight lifting [talk about tiring!] plus tons of homework. i found out that the position that i applied for was taken by my friend, and since she lies about everything, i'm starting to think that she actually applied for my position, but she claimed she applied for the position that i was lower than.
i had a game. we won. i started. and of course, that was the day that my family missed my game... and when i got home at around 9, i had a ton of homework on top of that.
i had practice from 3-5. plus homework.
i had a FBLA meeting. i got angry because my name wasn't on the slideshow that showed the officers. we had a game. my grandma came over because the next day, my mom and dad were to be leaving for detroit, mi. i alsi had to go to my neighbor's house in the dark because i had to confirm that he was going to be taking me to school the next day, since i was going to miss my bus, because i would have to take my sister to day care.
they were gone for detroit. i got to sleep in a little bit later, because my grandma and i had to take madison to day care. so when we got done with that, i got a little nervous because i was actually going to have to ride with my neighbor. okay it's a little awkward because i'll admit, he's kinda cute [lol], he's a junior, and he has a deep voice [bahaha]. but on the negative side, he has a girlfriend, and he's shorter than me. so i got in, and he had his hood on. and i'm like okay... lol. so come to find out, he was sick, and he wasn't going to school. so he drove me there, and went back home. how nice, right? so later that day, i had practice, and weight lifting. then after practice, me and my grandma went to get madison, then went to bloom to take a movie back, then we got food. yummy :] ao around 9, luke [my neighbor] was on facebook. and we talked... about my day. how my brothers did what they did. he's a really nice guy. and i wasn't that nervous about us talking. maybe we can be friends. lol
sharon was supposed to come over, but she didn't [or is not] and i'm upset because this is the perfect day for her to come over! like this was a once in a lifetime chance... and i fell bad. i really wanted her to come over. and they invited me to go to lunch with them tomorrow, but their whole family is going to be there. and there are two people that i don't want to see... i love the girls in her family, but the boys... they are another story.
so on another note for today, my cousin larry is coming over! i haven't seen him in so long. so that should be interesting...

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