Friday, June 26, 2009

woah; it's been a while.

well, it has been a long while. september twentieth? a lot has changed since then. i am now sixteen. my birthday was june fifth.

i had a little partyy with my friends. and then some of them spent the night. that was the best night that i've had in a long while. i slept with my friends. i went to sleep around three that morninn. and i woke up at six that same morninn.

i have experienced some new things & i love how my life is goinn right now. i have no complaints. my summer could be a lot more not borinn and i could be gettinn paid more. i could have my permit and be drivinn places. i could be goinn out with my friends a lot more. i could have a little more freedom. i could have a lot more. but i guess i cannot have it all. but i just wanna have more freedom and i want to be able to go out with friends more. because it is the summer of course. duhh. that's what summer is for. relaxation. and i like to relax with my friends. not stayy with familyy all day everydayy watchinn my little brothers. a little friend time would be lovelyy (: ♥

but hopefullyy i can go to my best friend's house tomorrow. i don't reallyy think my mom likes her because i think she thinks we like each other or somethinn. or maybe she just thinks my best friend likes me. who knows? lol

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