Sunday, September 7, 2008

so i'm stuffed.

i just had 3 frozen waffles [put them in the toaster of course] and now i'm stuffed. this is really off my 'diet'. but whatever. i have volleyball that makes up for it. i'm still losing weight, so it doesn't matter. it would way different if i wasn't doing anything. but i am, so that's that. so now i'm listening to the radio [take you down-chris brown] and this is pretty much what i'm going to be doing for the remainder of the day. computer. radio. just kidding. i probably will go to staples to get this medium sized board, because my advanced spanish II class, i am in this group [that i did not pick, not that i would have anyone in mind, considering i don't ANYONE] and i told them that i don't draw, but i got stuck with drawing the flag of peru. and when i looked at the flag when i got home, i saw that it had some little green thing in the middle. and i have NO IDEA how i'm going to draw it. i'm thinking i might just cut it out and paste on the medium board. cheat, cheat. lol.

so last night around midnight [i don't even know how i stayed up that long] i was looking at other people's blogs by the nest blog button. and i saw that people have pictures. i want to do pictures. i mean i have this cool camera that i got for my 15th birthday [june 5] and i love taking pictures. it would be interesting. you know? like actually SHOWING you all a part of my life.
so that will be interesting. and i'll get on doing that. ASAP!

so, now i'm not doing anything. i'm thinking at this moment i want to get my camera. so i will update more as my day goes along, and there will be pictures.

thanks for reading!


okay, so i actually came through with this whole putting pictures up. lol. i am usually the one on the computer. so my sister madison was saying 'autumn my turn, my turn. cuse me cuse me. lol. it was so funny. so now we have a 'autumn junior'. don't you just love it! bahahahaha.

okay, me and one of my group members got into an argument about our parts. i picked to do the flag, but she said she was the one. so when i told her that i picked it and she wasn't going to get credit, she went all crazy. bahaha. so i had to do the map [along with the flag that i had already done.] it got me mad. so this is almost done.
and this is done.

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