Saturday, June 19, 2010

What An Eventful Day

So yes, it has been QUITE A WHILE since I blogged. A year almost.... So much has happened.

I can now call myself a senior in high school now. Very very exciting ♥ So much to do; College visits this summer, applications to said collegese, hoping and praying that I get into my top college choices, which are:
  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. Christopher Newport
  3. Penn State at University Park
  4. College of William and Mary

And there are others, but those are my top.

Also there is this site called Formspring. I swear, it will be the cause of some deaths. It is a site where you can ask questions without people knowing who asked. Which is perfect for those rude people who want to be mean instead of nice. I was a victim tonight of cyber bullying, not that I couldn't handle it.. But still.. people, be nice. The world is running out of nice people.... Bring some back please.


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